Cathy Gara

Bookkeeper & HR Coordinator

A native of Miami, Florida, Cathy Gara is a college graduate with more than seventeen years of experience as a bookkeeper in various nonprofit mental health and addiction recovery
organizations. Cathy’s work is often behind-the-scenes, but her accurate record-keeping, financial bookkeeping, and employee relations give confidence to our staff, board, and donors
alike. Cathy loves to be in her garden in the countryside and enjoys reading, crafts, cooking, baking, and entertaining. She believes that the mission statement of Center for Modern Aging
Princeton (CMAP) breeds success and encourages employees and volunteers alike to commit to creating a welcoming environment for older adults to embrace their aging journey. In
retirement, Cathy will be found traveling and spending more time with family and friends. “Don’t sweat the small stuff!” is a mantra that Cathy finds meaningful now and in the future.