Ana Carolina González Peña

Coordinator of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (she/her/hers)

Ana was born in Bogotá, Colombia and holds a BA in communications and journalism and a master’s in international cooperation and development. In Colombia, Ana had the privilege of working to assist conflict victims, ex-combatants, and inmates on their journey toward emotional and social rehabilitation. In the United States, Ana spent a decade as a journalist covering Latin America and the Caribbean for AARP and as the lead content creator and strategist for Bounteous (formerly Hathway). Ana is also the founder of the Magnolia Foundation for Peace and Wellness, a foundation dedicated to peace, reconciliation, and post- conflict rehabilitation. At the Center for Modern Aging Princeton (CMAP), Ana’s role revolves around fostering the participation and integration of new individuals and communities from under-served and under-represented populations into the CMAP community. She does this by building connections with community partners, listening to the needs of individuals in the community and creating innovative programs, developing the new bilingual offerings at CMAP, and creating dynamic stories for social media and other CMAP outlets. Ana practices yoga, loves to read, and cherishes traveling to the mountains with friends. Ana describes herself as an “enthusiastic hugger” of both people and dogs. Ana values the mission of CMAP, noting that “it represents the idea that each day we are aging, but we are also growing in sensitivity, self- awareness, expertise in new areas of interest, and patience.” In retirement, Ana aspires to maintain an unwavering passion for global exploration, abundant health, and the companionship of cherished friends, beloved family members, and a multitude of canines. To her future retired self, Ana says “continue to practice yoga – even when it feels like a chore and allow yourself to sleep whenever you feel like it without feeling guilty!”