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Evergreen Forum

Welcome to Evergreen Forum!

Evergreen Forum is a haven for intellectual exploration, where captivating daytime study and dynamic discussions beckon curious minds.

Evergreen Forum began in 2001 with a humble cohort of forty inquisitive participants across four classes and has since flourished into a tapestry of over 500 engaged learners spanning twenty-six diverse courses. Governed by a participant-elected Steering Committee, and a proud member of the Road Scholar Institute Network, the Evergreen Forum invites you to embark on a voyage of knowledge and discovery.

How it Works

Evergreen Forum courses are taught by course leaders who are selected by the Evergreen Forum Steering Committee. They are often retired faculty, teachers, or experts in their fields. While Evergreen Forum calls Princeton, NJ its home, our course are offered in-person, online, and as hybrid options—drawing participants from all across the country, and even the world!

There are two semesters of Evergreen Forum taking place in the Fall and Spring. Our courses can span anywhere from three- to eight-weeks and price may vary depending on the length of the course. Course formats vary from lectures to discussions and can take place in-person, virtually on Zoom, or as a hybrid to meet the varying needs and interests of our participants.

Fall Semester — Typically begins the last week of September
Spring Semester — Typically begins the first week of March

Our Brochure

Check out our spring 2024 online printable brochure to find
all of our courses in an easily accessible document.

So, Which Format is Right For Me?

Our advice? Follow your interests when choosing a course. Nonetheless, we understand our variety of course types and formats may impact your decision-making process. To help with your choice, we have defined these terms, offering a roadmap for selecting courses with your unique interests and needs in mind.

Course Types

Course Types

Special Note: Due to space limitations and administrative needs, participants MUST attend the course as they have registered and are not able to switch back and forth between attending in-person or virtually on Zoom. Exceptions may be made in certain circumstances, like extreme weather.

Registration Information

The Evergreen Forum uses a first-come, first-served registration system. Registration typically starts approximately a month prior to the first week of courses and continues until the semester’s commencement.

Mark your calendars:

Spring 2024 Registration — Opens January 30


Evergreen Forum strives to provide the utmost quality courses in a variety of academic disciplines. To support our program and the Center for Modern Aging, Princeton, we charge fees for our courses.

Six- to Eight-Week Courses—$110

Three- to Five-Week Courses—$85

Scholarship Opportunities

For more information, contact Johanna Peters, director of social services, at, or 609.751.9699, ext. 111 to apply.

Your Support Makes a Difference

In addition to your registration, we invite you to make a donation to help ensure that CMAP has the tools to provide the classes, services, and resources you’ve come to love and expect. As a community nonprofit, over 80% of our budget comes through corporate and annual sponsorships, grants and individual donors like you.


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Our Course Leaders

Many of our course leaders are retired faculty, seasoned educators, or experts in their related fields—all generously contribute their time and expertise. With courses spanning a flexible three- to eight-weeks, our leaders can craft enriching learning experiences related to their passion to a classroom of engaged learners. The best part? No tests or papers to grade!

Leaders typically choose their topics/courses based on experience or interest. They submit course proposals each semester to the Curriculum Committee and are selected based on the holistic needs of the Evergreen Forum.

Interested in Becoming an
Evergreen Forum Leader?

The Evergreen Forum is always looking for new leaders or instructors! If you’d like to be considered, let us know by sending an email using the link below.

The Steering Committee

The Evergreen Forum’s governance is overseen by a Steering Committee, chosen through participant elections at our Annual Meeting. This Committee establishes policies concerning course offerings, the selection and assessment of instructors, and the orchestration of both the Annual Meeting and other participant gatherings. Administrative aspects are managed by the staff at the Center for Modern Aging Princeton.

Sandy Kurinsky — Chair
Judith Wooldridge — Vice Chair
Harold Heft — Secretary
Phillip Carchman

Peggy de Wolf
Marna Golub-Smith
Leonie Infantry
Christina Kales

Barbara Kirsh
Stuart Kurtz
Harold Kuskin
Shashank Otiv

Dianne Sadoff
Jill Sandel
Peter Smith
Frederick Young

Active participation in the Evergreen Forum as a member of the Steering Committee, or any committee, mandates prior involvement in a course as either a participant or leader. This engaged community is urged to take part in program administration, holding roles like officers, committee members and course leaders. Moreover, they have the privilege to join the Annual Meeting, cast votes for Steering Committee members and other pertinent matters proposed by the Committee.

Evergreen Forum Named Series Sponsors

The William and Nancy Lifland Evergreen Forum Steering Committee Chair
The Lee V. Harrod Evergreen Forum Literature Series
The Harold and Joan Kuskin Evergreen Forum Performing Arts Series
The Iona and Maurice Harding Evergreen Forum Natural Sciences Series
The Home Instead Evergreen Forum History and Political Science Series

Evergreen Forum Corporate & Sustaining Sponsors

Terms and Definitions

"I've loved every course I've taken with Evergreen. The standout factor is not just the instructors, but also the students and their engagement. After fifty-three years of teaching high school, I can confidently say these courses offer an optimal educational experience."