Services for Older Adults

Services for Older Adults

Growing older is new territory for all of us—and there’s no playbook on how to do it. That’s why it’s important to seek out the help of others whenever possible.


No need to go it alone

CMAP offers a number of social and support groups designed specifically for older adults, caregivers or both.

Aging Gaily (LGBTQ+)

Group consists of LGBTQ+ identified people who gather to share information, plan social events, and discuss the history of LGBTQ+ community.
Group usually meets the third Monday at 3:00 p.m. - Hybrid.

No Fee

Facilitator: Billi Charron, MSW, CMAP Social Worker


This group welcomes community members who need support and assistance in coping with grief and loss.
If you wish to join this group, please submit your interest below and the facilitator will reach out to you.
Group usually meets the third Monday at 11:00 a.m. - Virtual.

No Fee

Facilitator: Sherri Goldstein, LCSW, bereavement coordinator with Penn Medicine Princeton HomeCare

Crafter’s Corner

This is a conversation group for all crafty people: knit, quilt, crochet, sew, card-making, paint, draw, scrapbook, pottery, jewelry making, and others.
Group usually meets the second Thursday at 11:00 a.m. - Hybrid.

No Fee

Facilitator: Ana Gonzalez-Peña, CMAP DEI&B Coordinator

Early-Stage Memory Loss Support Group

Support group for people with early-stage memory loss. Person with memory loss and their care partner are invited to attend.
Group usually meets the third Thursday at 3:00 p.m. - Hybrid.

No Fee

Facilitator: Eileen Doremus, Alzheimer’s Association

Forever Young (55–65)

Forever Young offers an opportunity for you to meet people in the same life stage, engage in social activities, and creates an opportunity to make new friends.
Group usually meets the first Thursday at 3:00 p.m. - Hybrid.

No Fee

Facilitator: Billi Charron, MSW, CMAP Social Worker

Global Conversations

Conversation and culture for adults over fifty-five who are not native English speakers. All languages welcome.
Group usually meets every Monday at 1:00 p.m. - Hybrid.

No Fee

Facilitator: Johanna Peters, CMAP director of Social Services

Let’s Talk

This is a conversation where participants share support, resources, relaxation, laughter and stories.
Group usually meets every Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. - In-Person.

No Fee

Facilitator: CMAP interns, under supervision of Billi Charron, MSW, CMAP Social Worker

Men in Retirement

Come and meet others who are making or have made the transition into retirement. Call CMAP for more information.

No Fee

Facilitator: Barry Chalofsky

Next Chapter: Widows & Widowers

For spouses that have moved through the early stages of grief, after losing a spouse, and are starting to feel ready to engage with people and activities.
Group usually meets the second and fourth Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. - Hybrid.

No Fee

Facilitator: Johanna Peters, CMAP Director of Social Services

Transition to Retirement

This monthly group provides discussion centered around making the adjustment to retirement; those who are retired are welcome.
Group usually meets the third Friday at 2:30 p.m. - Hybrid.

No Fee

Facilitator: Paul Knight

Women in Retirement

Connect with fascinating people, build new friendships, savor meaningful conversations, swap stories, and participate in enriching activities that nurture personal development. Monthly presentations are usually the third Friday of the month and Coffee Kaltches meet the first, second, and fourth Fridays. All are welcome!
Group usually meets the third Friday at 10:00 a.m. - Hybrid.

No Fee

Facilitator: Cheri Chalofsky, Joan Fredericks, and Dina Kravets

Clearing Spaces

Whether you are looking to downsize, get organized, or even just see your closet floor again, we hope you will join us for this inspirational and nonjudgmental weekly Zoom meeting. We will share tips, challenges, and triumphs on our decluttering journeys, and will also spend part of the time accomplishing one small task, so you are guaranteed to come away from each meeting more organized than when you came in! Group usually meets Mondays at 3:00 p.m. - Virtual.

No Fee

Facilitator: Johanna Peters & Kellan Peck


A helping hand (or two)

The CMAP Social Services department is available for minor case management tasks. This includes assistance with applications, helping to plan for a life transition, advocacy around a singular issue, and the follow-up involved in that process.


Demystifying the benefits process

CMAP staff are available to assist you with identifying which benefits you qualify for and assisting you with completing necessary applications or referring you to a partner organization who can assist.

We are experienced in: SNAP, Medicaid, Medicare, LIHEAP, LIWAP, Affordable Connectivity Program, PAAD, and housing applications.

Medicare Counselors from SHIP (State Health Insurance Program) are available to assist with Medicare enrollment, options, and questions. Contact our office for additional information.

Trained AARP tax aides will help you complete uncomplicated tax returns and property tax rebate forms. At Suzanne Patterson Building by appointment February 1–April 15.

Please contact our Social Services department for an appointment for assistance.


Our friendly visitor program awaits!

Home Friends is a visitor program we created in response to a growing need for companionship and support for home-based older adults and adults with disabilities in Princeton and nearby communities. This visiting program was designed to complement and support rather than replace the role of family and paid caregivers.

Home Friends buddies engage in variety of things during weekly home visits such as: going on walks, reading and sorting mail, exchanging stories about life experiences, or pursuing mutually shared interests. Some volunteers bring library books, share a movie, or help weed in the garden with older adults.

How does the Home Friends Program work? Volunteers are interviewed, trained, background checked, and matched for such things as background, common interests and geographical location. HomeFriends recipients meet with their friend an hour or more per week. There is no charge for this service.

How can I enroll in the program? Any person over 55 years of age who needs companionship and who resides in the Princeton area is eligible for this program. Priority is given to those without other local sources of support, such as family or residential community staff.

If interested in receiving Home Friends services for yourself or a loved one, or volunteering as a Home Friend, you can complete the online application.


We’re here to help

All members of the CMAP Social Services department have completed Certified Dementia Practitioner training and are here to help you navigate community services and family caregiving roles.

For individuals concerned about memory loss, CMAP staff are here to listen and help you navigate this stressful and confusing time. Our compassionate and attentive staff will help you identify your needs and create a roadmap for what’s next.

What we can offer:

“I didn’t know I was grieving until I attended the workshop on grief that not only gave me words for what I was feeling, but gave me friends to walk alongside me.”




Your generosity is truly the fuel that empowers CMAP to change lives and to help older adults discover their “why!”

We invite you to donate to the 2023–2024 Annual Giving Campaign by June 30 to help us reach our goal.