Personal Emergency Response Systems


Personal Emergency Response System

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Personal Emergency Response Systems

ADT Health & Senior Safety

Medical alert systems.


American Medical Identification Inc.

Engraves name, medical condition, prescriptions, other information on identification bracelet or necklace.


Connect America

In-home and mobile-based life alert system.


Connect America - Medical Alert

Alert system for home or mobile, GPS function, 2-way voice, whole house speare systems, braile characters.


Life Alert

Provides emergency help cell phone, pendant, wrist alert systems.


Medicalert Foundation's Safe & Found Program

Devices designed for individuals living with dementia. Medicalert Foundation partners with Alzheimer’s Association. Engraved medical information. Use code on website for discount.


Prime Medical Alert

Phone or mobile system, fall detection.


Project Lifesaver

Outfits eligible residents suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or other illnesses that may cause wandering with tracking bracelets. The bracelet transmits a signal to a radio receiver in the event that the wearer becomes lost. Project Lifesaver works in coordination with county Sheriff’s Office. Contact your county Sheriff or call number below.


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