Health Fair

“It is health that is real wealth
and not pieces of gold and silver.”
— Mahatma Gandhi

Join us for our annual Health Fair! Immerse yourself in a world of health, smiles, and community connection as we bring together enriching experiences.
Explore the latest in dental care with Zufall Dental Van, indulge in a vibrant marketplace featuring diverse wellness vendors, and kickstart your day with informative sessions covering various health topics virtually online.
From complimentary dental check-ups to free giveaways and engaging info sessions, this event is designed to inspire and equip you on your journey to a healthier, happier lifestyle.
Bring the whole family and be a part of this celebration of well-being!





Online information

By registering for the health fair, you'll get access to the four virtual health fair sessions taking place from 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Attend one, or all four! You'll have access to them all.


Empowering Health Awareness

Ten Warning Signs of Memory Loss | 9:00 a.m.

This education program will help you recognize common signs of the disease in yourself and others and next steps to take, including how to talk to your doctor.
Presenter: Sally Zaifman-Kagan, RN, BSN
Sally has been a volunteer community educator with the Alzheimer’s Association since 2020, facilitating many workshops virtually and in-person. Prior to becoming a volunteer for the Alzheimer’s Association, she was a pediatric nurse at Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital in NYC and a school nurse for more than twenty-five years in Rockland County, NY. She was an associate professor of nursing at Rockland Community College and a docent at the Holocaust Museum and Center for Tolerance & Education in Suffern, NY. She became certified as a facilitator for the “A Matter of Balance” program through the Office for the Aging in Rockland County, as well as a member of the RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program) clown troupe bringing laughter and song to children at daycare centers and people in senior centers and nursing homes. Sally is "grateful that at this time in my life, I can honor the memory of my mother, who suffered with Alzheimer’s, by reaching out to those whose lives are impacted by Alzheimer’s, as well as allowing me the opportunity to bring awareness to others about the many programs and aid the Alzheimer’s Association offers."

Communicating with a Loved One with Dementia | 10:00 a.m.

This presentation will focus on how to effectively communicate with your loved one who has a dementia diagnosis or cognitive decline for the most positive of outcomes.
Presenter: Sheli Monacchio
Sheli is a certified Alzheimer's disease and dementia care trainer and executive director of Akin Care Senior Services

Understanding the Basics of Clinical Trials | 11:00 a.m.

A clinical trial is a research study in which people volunteer to help find answers to important health questions. This presentation will discuss the basics of a clinical trial including types of clinical trials, phases of a study, potential risks and benefits, and consent. How to find clinical trials being conducted close to your home will also be reviewed.
Presenter: Barbara Skinn, PhD, RN
Barbara Skinn has a PhD in nursing from the University of Cincinnati and has been an oncology nurse for more than forty years. As a registered nurse (RN), Barbara has held a variety of nursing and research positions both in Canada and the USA. Her professional journey includes roles as a clinical trials operations lead within pharmaceutical and contract research organizations, a director of patient care services at several cancer centers, and a nurse educator. Before her retirement, Barbara was an operation portfolio lead within the oncology program at Bristol Myers Squibb.

Foot Health | noon

Please join us for an informative presentation on the importance of foot health. Our expert from the Foot and Ankle Center of New Jersey will discuss common foot pathologies and provide time for Q&A.
Presenter: Arit Onyile, DPM


Vendors and health screenings

Join us in-person for more information and register for a dental screening or memory screening. For those wishing to register for a screening will need to complete this registration form and will be emailed a separate appointment sign-up form for the health screenings. Only those who register for the health fair will have access to sign up for one of our screenings.


Empowering Health Awareness

Memory Screening Presentation

Join us at the health fair for an enriching memory screening presentation. Gain insights, practical strategies, and expert advice to boost cognitive health. Discover how to unlock your brain's full potential!

Memory Screening

Unlock the potential of your memory! Join us for a personalized memory screening session at the health fair. Discover valuable insights into your cognitive health and learn strategies to enhance your memory and overall brain function. Take this opportunity to take proactive steps towards a sharper mind and a brighter future!

Blood Pressure Screening

Don't let high blood pressure sneak up on you! Visit our booth at the health fair for a quick and convenient blood pressure screening. Our knowledgeable healthcare professionals will provide personalized guidance and information on managing your blood pressure effectively. Take control of your health today and ensure a healthier tomorrow!

Flu and COVID Vaccine

Protect yourself and your loved ones from the flu and COVID-19! Join us at the health fair, where the Department of Health will offer flu and COVID-19 vaccination services. Safeguard your health and community by getting vaccinated against these contagious viruses. Our experienced healthcare team will ensure a safe and efficient vaccination process. Don't miss this opportunity to stay healthy and contribute to the collective effort in combating these illnesses!

Bone Density Screening

Discover the strength of your bones! Swing by our booth at the health fair for a bone density screening. Learn valuable insights about your bone health and take proactive steps toward preventing osteoporosis and fractures. Our knowledgeable team will provide personalized recommendations to help you maintain strong and resilient bones. Take this opportunity to prioritize your skeletal health and enjoy a more active lifestyle for years!

Blood Glucose Screening

Take charge of your health with a blood glucose screening at our booth during the health fair! Monitoring your blood sugar levels is crucial for managing diabetes and preventing complications. Our experienced healthcare professionals will provide quick and confidential screenings, valuable insights, and advice on maintaining optimal blood glucose levels. Don't wait until it's too late – stop by for your screening and ensure a healthier future!

Zufall Dental Van

The services that we can provide on that van for the event is an establishing patient appointment (includes full mouth x-ray, full mouth exam, and dental cleaning). If a resident is having an issue with a tooth (i.e. they have a chip or having pain), they can also be seen this day but only for this one issue.

If someone needs a follow-up after this first appointment, we can help them create a follow-up appointment for more in-depth services such as extractions, fills, or dentures.

Each appointment is going to be thirty minutes long. We ask that everyone arrive fifteen minutes before their appointment so that we can allow time for all paperwork and ID/insurance to be scanned in.

“I just want to thank you so much for assisting me with getting the vaccine…I am getting my first shot this morning!”




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